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Rubber Pads & Bearings

Industrial Products

In 2010, Scougal Rubber opened a new facility in McCarran, NV just outside of Reno dedicated to the production and testing of steel reinforced and plain elastomeric bearings for bridges and buildings.


Starting with an empty slate, we were able to design and build a first class, modern facility to fit our growing needs. With round-the-clock production, we are producing bearing pads to meet our customers’ needs throughout North America, allowing us to offer the best lead times in the industry.


Our quality assurance lab has the capability of testing for all the requirements of most specifications.


Scougal Rubber is an AISC certified Simple Bridge and Bridge Component manufacturer.

Scougal Rubber: Nevada

Scougal Rubber's Industrial Parts can be found everywhere from playground equipment, ski lifts and food processing plants to U.S. Military Vehicles.


Whether you need ten parts or ten thousand, our team of experienced professionals is ready to assist you. In addition, we offer inventory programs to support your just-in-time manufacturing requirements. We take pride in our competitive pricing, quality, and agile response time. Scougal will work quicky to satisfy your demands.


Scougal Rubber maintains a strict quality assurance program in order to exceed your expectations with the adaptation of ISO 9001:2015 and AS9100.

Scougal Rubber: Washington


A Century Of Excellence:

Paccar, the U.S. Military, numerous state DOT's and many other local agencies routinely choose Scougal Rubber for their most demanding applications. Our strict Quality Assurance Programs meets all customer requirements to ensure total customer satisfaction. At Scougal Rubber we take great pride in delivering products that meet our customers' needs for quality and on-time delivery.

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