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PTFE / Steel Reinforced Elastomeric

Slide Bearing Assembly

Where there is a need for high displacement with low vertical loads, the PTFE/STEEL REINFORCED ELASTOMERIC SLIDE BEARING ASSEMBLY is a logical choice. Combining the superior damping and rotational properties of a steel reinforced elastomeric bearing with the superior displacement capacity of a PTFE and polished stainless steel interface, the horizontal displacement can be as long as the size of the stainless plate will allow.


The two-component system consists of a top and bottom assembly. The top assembly is normally a carbon steel sole or embed plate with mirror finished stainless steel seal welded to the underside. The lower assembly is a steel reinforced elastomeric bearing vulcanized to a backing plate with bonded PTFE. To lower the coefficient of friction, dimpling of the PTFE is a common practice to reduce the surface area in contact with the polished plate.

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