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Quality Control

Scougal’s success is the direct result of an unwavering focus on meeting our customers’ needs. Incoming materials undergo a rigorous inspection process. Individual polymer batches must be subjected to material properties testing before they can be released to production. We maintain our own complete testing laboratory to verify that each property (elongation, tensile, shear modulus, durometer, etc.) falls within the allowable range for a given material specification. Steel and other components must be inspected for critical measurements, and all steel used in federally-funded projects must be certified domestic material.


In-process inspections ensure that the manufacturing process remains controlled at every step. Whether we are sandblasting steel shims, machining sole plates, or grinding a rubber roller to a finished diameter, there are critical measurements which are taken and recorded


Finished goods inspections are implemented to ensure that our customers receive only conforming, defect-free products. Depending on the item, we will measure, compress, or otherwise visually inspect the final product. Many of our customers are State Departments of Transportation, with specific testing and certification requirements. From Alaska to Florida, Scougal is familiar with the specifications for the particular State. When required, we utilize outside agencies to perform special testing (low temperature brittleness, ozone, etc.) or any required independent third-party testing.


At Scougal, Quality is part of what we sell, and what our customers have come to expect. We provide material certifications in accordance with the requirements of our customers and the various relevant agencies. With our technical expertise, we can develop proprietary formulations to meet our customers' unique requirements.

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