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Special Applications

Scougal Rubber began in the early 1900’s shaping and curing parts by hand. Today we are a state-of-the-art production and testing facility prepared to help you design, develop and produce parts to meet virtually any concept or need. From cable bands and zipper boots to bomb-proofing applications and vibration dampers, Scougal Rubber has the experience and capability to develop tooling and formulate compounds for any application. Come see what our team can do for you.


Scougal Rubber has been supplying ZIPPER BOOTS (right) for suspension and cable stay bridge retrofits for many years. These specially fabricated parts have an integral water-tight zipper, enabling the contractor to install the boots without an overlap, enhancing the appearance and functionality.


Recent homeland security reqirements have produced a need for bomb-proofing major bridges in the U.S.  Scougal has worked with the producers of the system to develop a water-tight conical URETHANE CAP (right) to prevent water from penetrating the assembly.


This large, 36”diameter CABLE BAND (right) for the San Francisco - Oakland Bay Bridge required a radiused, steel reinforced elastomeric bearing pad vulcanized between the band itself and the strong back. Special attention was paid to ensure the shim spacing was correct and the alignment of the strong back to the CABLE BAND was accurate.


A need arose on the Hood Canal Floating Bridge in Washington State for a way to supplement the large alignment keys used during the opening and closing of the bridge for fine-tuning the alignment. Scougal Rubber fabricated these large alignment plates with high-grade neoprene to assist in getting the bridge back in the same position consistently.


This 28-foot-long urethane / steel / PTFE expansion bearing system (below) was used on a project in Fremont, California. The assembly spanned the entire abutment and accommodated eleven steel girders.




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