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Acoustical and Vibration Isolation Bearings are designed to eliminate noise and vibrations and have been used in structures such as Floating Slab Track (FST) systems, concert halls and apartment buildings. Designed to support the load of the structure, the dynamic properties of the elastomer are utilized to achieve effective anti-vibration performance. A project that has benefited from vibration isolation is The Four Seasons Centre for the Performing Arts in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.





Vibration & Acoustical Control Bearings

"The rubber pads isolate the central house so that  it doesn't vibrate . . . the result is this is likely the quietest opera house in the world."

Wilson Ihrig & Associates

Accoustical and Vibration Contultants

A specialized natural rubber compound is used for manufacturing the Scougal Acoustical and Vibration Control Bearings. The bearings have been installed in many public-critical projects such as the LA Metro system, the BART system in the San Francisco Bay area and the MARTA Transport system in Atlanta. FST isolators have been utilized on many rail projects throughout the world to reduce the amount of vibration being transferred to surrounding structures. The size and formulation are determined based on the frequency of the vibrations being dissipated. Isolators were used on this light rail system to reduce the amount of vibration being transferred to surrounding buildings at the Dallas Fort Worth International Airport.

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