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Scougal Ramps

Ramp Up Your Productivity.

The Scougal Ramp clips quickly onto a steel road plate and stays securely in place. No more shoveling cold mix. The covering process is faster, so you can keep a hole open later and work longer into the day. It’s neat, clean, safe, and stands up beautifully to traffic.


Clean Up Your Worksite.

Scougal Ramps are durable and pay for themselves in weeks. Use them on job after job. One standard 5-foot length will save you an average $365 per month compared to the cost of laying down cold mix every evening and picking it up the next day. See how quickly that adds up.


Be Green And Eliminate Disposal Issues.

The Scougal Ramp is reusable reducing the need to properly dispose of cold mix. The reduction of oil based material at your construction site is a bonus.


Eliminate Claims.

The Scougal Ramp remains intact and will not break apart eliminating damage claims from flying asphalt.

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